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Cuvée Old Vines
Château de Champ-Renard

Cuvée Old Vines

The Cuvée Old Vines

All of our expertise and the traditions of the Château de Champrenard are to be found in the Cuvée du Château, whose origins date from 1765. Full of character, this wine expresses our knowledge of the land and the experience of several generations of winegrowers who love and take pride in their work.

The wine comes from old vines that are on granite and silica soils, which provide very individual vintages, a dusky red colour, and dark fruit flavours such as cherry and blackcurrant, with a hint of spices.

Selection - "Grumage" 2018 of the Ordre des Compagnons du Beaujolais : millésime 2016
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Château de Champ-Renard

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